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Frank Iero’s tattoos

^ ‘I Am A Graveyard’ (the name of his short-lived band between Pencey and MCR) written on his collarbone, and whatever his chest piece is meant to be…

^ Finger moustache..?!

^ “Forever in my heart” and his Grandmothers Angelina and Lillian

^ NJ and an anchor (to symbolise ‘always being achored to home in New Jersey’), a bloody tooth, Frankenstein, Pencey Prep broken heart and ’I wish I were a ghost’ (Pencey Prep lyrics) written in red on his wrist

^ Hope with a flame, with ‘x Jamia x’ written underneath

^ F.T.W (fuck the world), a cobra, and an eagle carrying a ring with the date and location and of his proposal to Jamia; ‘LA 5.25.06’

^ ‘Hopeless’ on his right hand, and ’Romantic’ on his left

^ ‘Search and Destroy’ with two doves (thought to be a direct reference to The Stooges song ‘Search and Destroy’), and two guns (that are the same as the ones that were printed on the back of the bulletproof vests they wore onstage in 2005)

^ “Live each day as if it were your last” on his thigh

^ Frank and James Dewees have this same matching ‘Revenge’ tattoo

^ A winged Virgin Mary (also speculated to be Our Lady Of Sorrows) holding a heart with five swords

^ ‘NJ’ inside his lip

^ ‘Keep The Faith’, and a Jack-O-Lantern (to symbolise his birthday of Halloween)

^ Scissors with ‘Jinx Removing’ (reference to a Jawbreaker song) and the date ’2.5.07’

^ A portrait of his Grandfather and the words ‘La Mia Familia. Il Mio Idolo’ over his shoulder (which means ‘My family. My hero.’)

^ ‘Jamia’ in a heart, and a skull

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